Instrumentals: How the Artist Chooses

We have all found ourselves jamming out to our favourite tracks, later finding ourselves to be singing along.

Has the thought occurred to you, that maybe pursuing music is not a bad idea?

Well, this post will give the bare starting point, so you can get your foot in the door of the music industry.

Beginning with an emphasis on the importance of patience, we need to understand that that not all great instrumentals will be found in a flash, It most likely will be the opposite. Take your time to really feel out the track and decide if this one is right for you.

Start with the tempo and pace. If you can keep up with the track, chances are you will do great on them. There is no need to keep up with a track that is just too fast. This is not going to help you develop that response time that usually takes time.

Now this being just a touch on artistry, in future posts we will be going more into depth about platforms, selection, and recording.

Until then, enjoy your pursuit of music!

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